Wholesale or retail, custom or private label, I have designed packaging for food that can be found across the nation. Whether one off designs or expandable series, I am adept at designing compelling packaging while adhering to the strict FDA/USDA regulations.

Role: Creative / Art Director

Design on the Quick

Design on the Quick

When a major east coast grocer wants to feature new lamb burgers right before a large summer holiday, you need to work quickly. This package was produced in 24 hours, from copy and photography to design and stakeholder approval getting it into government approval in time to get on the shelves.

Pop Gourmet

Pop Gourmet

When Pop Gourmet Popcorn rebranded from their old see through packaging, I was contracted to consult and shoot the product photography for their entire line of products, including their partnership products with Tom Douglas. This is one of my favorite side projects, mostly because of the clandestine meetings in a Whole Foods parking lot when I received crates full of their product. We ate popcorn for a month!